Our collaborators

Wilma Loberg

Wilma began playing piano at age 6 with instruction from her mother. She taught Wilma to play the popular song Dominique, made famous by the “singing nun” in the mid ’60s. She remembers playing Silent Night for our School Christmas concert when she was grade 3. The teacher in this small rural school gave huge compliments on Wilma’s performance which she humbly accepted, but later told her mother “it wasn’t that great…I didn’t even play with two hands together”. Wilma’s parents enrolled her in formal lessons at age 9 with a teacher, Mrs. Yetreberg, Mission BC for that first year. She then took lessons from Paul Wagner at Dumeresque Studios, also in Mission until she was 16 years of age. She stopped taking lessons at this time  to focus on high school, then career studies in nursing. During my mid-twenties, Wilma resumed her piano/theory studies with Mrs. Lopp in a small northern community of Dawson Creek BC where she was living and working in her career as a Registered Nurse. Mrs. Rotraud Lopp recognized her passion for the piano and brought out her best performance ability. Wilma studied Royal Conservatory and completed grade 8 & 9. Grade 10 was studied, however, she never did take the exam. It has remained her unfinished work. Wilma was an understudy pianist on the Winterreise Project and joins us as a performer for the Dichterliebe Project.