Our collaborators

Marjorie Daniels


Marjorie has been joyfully singing in choirs since the age of five. As a result of auditing the 2015 Winterreise Project she learned a lot about German lieder, created when poems by Müller were set to music by Franz Schubert. There was more here than met the ear at first hearing. The variety of ways to interpret the pieces, and the melding of singer and pianist as they worked together evolved into something more polished and evocative than they began with.

When the idea of a second exploration of a German song cycle, this time by Schumann setting music to poetry by Heine, she decided to audition as a Performer, to be more closely involved with the learning experience.

When not singing, Marjorie loves all kinds of dancing. She formerly ran both marathons and sprints but has since come to her senses and concentrates on tap dance. She has published a historical novel and is currently launching two more on Kindle books.

She looks forward to taking part in the Dichterliebe Project.