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R. Bruce Dutton


Absent from Victoria for most of the years of his professional life, Bruce Dutton was raised in Victoria and is a graduate of Victoria High School and the University of Victoria.

After graduating from UVic with an Honours BA in French Language and Literature, Bruce completed three years of graduate work in French Literature at Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA, and spent one year working on PhD dissertation research in Paris.

Shortly after his return to the US, he began teaching French in a prestigious private girls’ school in the suburbs of Philadelphia where he enjoyed 30 continuous years of  a most satisfying academic career.

Upon retirement, he eagerly returned to Victoria where he participates in the rich musical life of the city, involved in performance groups and in piano performance, including last year’s “Winterreise Project”.  An unapologetically passionate amateur pianist, he has studied under the sympathetic guidance of Susan DeBurgh and Anna Cal.